Supervision and Professional trainings

Take time to question yourself about your practice and professional identity:
– Coach supervision
– Psychotherapist Supervision

Train yourself in new approaches to enrich the quality of your support:
– Voice Dialogue
– Body Voices

Supervision of coaches

As a supervisor, I help you overcome the obstacles, personal or professional, that you encounter in your coaching sessions.
Depending on your level of experience, supervision can take on a didactic, identity, relational or ethical dimension.

Supervision of psychotherapists

Whether it is to learn new tools, to deepen the use of a theoretical model, to experience with a little-known area of practice, to develop your reflexivity or to deal with complex clients or therapeutic challenges, I will support you based on your experience and your practice.

Professional Trainings

For coaches and psychotherapists
Voice Dialogue facilitator, Development of a process to balance the different facets of their personality.

Accompanying Voices of the Body, Discovery of the blocked energies that hide behind the physical symptoms.

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