Services to organizations

Oléandre helps you transform and increase the performance of your organization by focusing on human capital through organizational development consulting, coaching and facilitation missions.

Organizational Development

Support organizations to transform themselves.

I accompany you from the diagnostic stage to the implementation of actions that will help you to achieve your vision.

The objective? Your adaptability to a changing world.


Accompany an evolution, a change, a dynamic.

As a coach, I act as the catalyst of the unique situation to co-create the conditions allowing the development of your potential. I also support partnership

The objective? Your autonomy


Allow emergence.

As a facilitator, I accompany you through the necessary steps to develop the collective intelligence of your group.

The objective? The implementation of processes ensuring the achievement of your objectives and the participation and committement of the people involved.


Partager un savoir utile, apprendre un savoir-faire, modéliser un savoir-être.

Je conçois avec vous le programme de formation qui répond à votre réalité, à vos attentes et à vos besoins.

Sur les sujets au service de votre potentiel humain.(Leadership, compétences interpersonnelles, …)Share a useful knowledge, learn a know-how, model a knowledge.

I design with you the training program that meets your reality, expectations and needs.

On topics serving your human potential(Leadership, interpersonal skills,…)